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  1. 12 Nov 2023

    Now you can sort priority, highlight the table and delete

  2. 12 Nov 2023

    added bullet list in editor view

  3. 12 Nov 2023

    We have minimize on the chatPM

  4. 12 Nov 2023

    updated our main editor, improve stability

  5. 12 Nov 2023


  6. 12 Nov 2023

    added minimize on the chatPM

  7. 12 Nov 2023

    updated main editor, improve stability

  8. 17 Oct 2023

    New generate tasks logic added: now we generate tasks and you can select which task to choose to add

  9. 11 Oct 2023

    Now, while a response is being delivered, you have the capacity to stop it midway.

  10. 11 Oct 2023

    We now display the project's progress on home page.

  11. 11 Oct 2023

    We have a new notification page

  12. 11 Oct 2023

    We've also introduced AI-generated chat history titles which are displayed at the forefront. The dates are now presented within the chat history for easier reference and tracking.

  13. 11 Oct 2023

    Chat histories are now displayed on the left side of the chatPM for better accessibility and readability.

  14. 27 Sep 2023

    We have a copy text from ChatPM button now

  15. 25 Sep 2023

    We have some project label now shown in home and side

  16. 20 Sep 2023

    Now, you have the ability to expand and collapse the ChatPM.

  17. 9 Sep 2023

    We have added some suggested prompts for you to get started with ChatPM

    ChatPM now has 'Suggested Prompts' to help you use the tool better. These prompts guide you on tasks like project planning, assignment, tracking progress, and team communication.

  18. 29 Aug 2023

    Project Hotfix

    Hotfix for users unable to create projects 

  19. 13 Aug 2023

    Chat with history

    We have recently incorporated a chat history feature in ChatPM, now enabling editing and deletion capabilities.

  20. 6 Aug 2023

    Adding and editing docs with your team

    We've included a documentation page separate from tasks. It's designed for recording meeting proceedings or any notable information. This feature enables sharing and collaboration within your team.

  21. 2 Aug 2023

    Added some notification for tasks assignments

    We have integrated a fundamental notification feature for task assignments, and we plan to continually enhance this feature by adding more notification types to improve its functionality progressively.

  22. 24 Jul 2023

    Fix organization creation leads to 404

    We have addressed a common issue that caused numerous users to encounter a 404 error while creating a new organization because they capitalized the organization name. This problem has now been resolved.

  23. 23 Jul 2023

    Share your space to public with template options

    You can now share your space to public and choose type of templates 

  24. 23 Jul 2023

    ChatPM now save chat history

    We allow user to save chat history with ChatPM.

    Please note: ChatPM is in beta. Data may be cleared for updates. Your patience is appreciated during this development stage.

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