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AI Project Management: Uniting Teams for Success with Tulsk.io

Enhance your productivity with Tulsk.io's AI Project Management. Create custom templates, chat with your AI project manager, and enjoy seamless team collaboration. Redefine the way you work with Tulsk.io.

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tulsk.io is more than just a project management tool. it’s your new digital command center. our ai-powered platform seamlessly combines your tasks, job postings, and events into one unified workspace. but that's not all. our unique template engine lets you create and manage custom templates for any project, job, or event, allowing for ultimate personalization and flexibility. and with the newly added chatpm, managing your projects has never been easier!


This is an AI chat-based project manager that can handle various aspects of project management through conversation. It assists in task assignment, status updates, deadline reminders, and conflict resolution.


The platform's AI can generate tasks based on your' project information. This ensures every detail is attended to and nothing is overlooked, which greatly aids in project completion and success.

Modular AI Agents

Customize and Control Your AI Capabilities

With Tulsk.io, optimize your project management. Choose functionalities to automate, ensuring a unique, tailored workflow:

  • Email Agent:

    Sort, prioritize, and draft responses automatically.

  • Content Agent:

    Produce blog drafts, social media posts, or gain content insights.

  • Summary Agent:

    Digest information quickly with concise AI-driven summaries.

  • Legal Agent:

    Navigate contracts and legal documents seamlessly.

  • Planning Agent:

    Design project plans, identify potential issues, and receive real-time suggestions.

  • Coding Agent:

    Integrate tech effortlessly with AI-generated scripts and platform integrations.

  • and many more...

Embeddable Spaces

Customize and Control Your AI Capabilities

Custom Templates

Create custom templates to suit any project need. This includes tasks, jobs, or events, thus offering a high level of flexibility and customization.

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